Maximum Air Disc Dogs Inc

High Flying Fun

Canine Fitness & Life Skills Classes

Thursday Evenings from 6pm at the Curra Community Hall

Would you like to:

  1. Build a stronger relationship with your pet or performance dog?
  2. See a reduction in injuries in your pet or performance dog?
  3. Help your dog by increasing mental and physical engagement with you?

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, Maximum Air Disc Dogs will be running Classes to help you.

Bookings are Essential

limited class numbers email [email protected] to book your spot

Canine Life Skills #1 (Puppies – Young Adolescents) 6pm-6:45pm

Do you want to help your young dog learn basic manners while you both have fun? Then this is the class for you! During the six weeks class, we’ll introduce several behaviors for your dog that will help him or her become a happier, more integrated member of your family.
Exercises include:
  • Working on attention,
  • Settling (on a mat or in a crate),
  • Sit, Down & Stand
  • Walking on lead,
  • Recall,
  • Wait and Stay,
  • Leave it.

    Along the way we’ll have lots of good times and your dog will learn a trick or two.You’ll see great progress from this class using positive, reward-based training techniques that get results!


Minimum age: 16 weeks with current vaccinations.

Canine Life Skills #2 (Young Adolescents – Seniors) 7pm - 7:45pm

It’s time to improve your basic canine skills. This class will reinforce all the skills learned in Canine Life Skills #1 , and is suitable for dogs from 6 months of age, we will endeavour to add distance, distraction and duration elements to the skills you learned in Canine Life Skills # 1  Building these skills turns your dog into a well-mannered companion who can calmly help greet guests at home and be your best friend out-and-about at neighborhood parks and dog-friendly events.

During this class we’ll also work on basic obedience commands.

At the end of class, you’ll have confidence in your dog’s abilities. You’ll be on your way to the awesome behavior that makes you and your dog welcome wherever you go.

Prerequisite: Canine Life Skills 1
Minimum Age: 6 months with current vaccinations

Canine Fitness Foundations (Young Adolescents – Seniors) 8pm-9pm

Foundation exercises are the key to fitness and an important stepping stone to success in achieving performance in the more advanced exercises. If you are ready to start a conditioning program for your dog, this is the class for you! You will learn basic fitness foundation exercises for your dog using a combination of items you can find around your house and specialty equipment such as balance discs, inflated peanuts, paw-pods and balance-boards.

Some foundation exercises require no equipment at all. You’ll finish the class with an understanding of what types of exercises are appropriate for your dog.  and exercises you can use to keep your dog fit in just 5 min a day.


Prerequisite: Canine Life Skills 1 or 2
Minimum age: 1 year with current vaccinations