Maximum Air Disc Dogs Inc

High Flying Fun

About M.A.D.D

M.A.D.D Inc is a regional club that is supportive to all Canine Disc Enthusiasts and Spectators alike. Our focus is training & competition fun, welcoming all new members, both human and canine, at all training/competition levels.

M.A.D.D is located in Gympie on the Sunshine Coast. 

M.A.D.D encourages all canine lovers and their furry friends, through hosting events that are fun, well run, competitive, varied, and promote good sportsmanship. M.A.D.D always has the best interest of our canine companions at heart, while catering to the love and fun of the sport. We respect everyone's personal goals in the sport, whether it's just for fun, or for serious competition.

Our intention is to continue growth and partnership with other canine disc clubs, in an effort to promote the world of canine disc play.

M.A.D.D was previously known as the Gympie Canine Disc Dog Club(GCDDC), which is Australia's second club for canine disc dogs and their handlers.

GCDDC was established  July 2008, and was dedicated to providing the Gympie Region a Fun and safe sport to play with their canine companions by organising Canine Disc Dog Championships, Training Clinics, and other fun events.

M.A.D.D is an affiliate of  Canine Disc Australia (CDA). CDA is the sanctioning body for the sport in Australia and is providing a cohesive framework for the national development of the sport.